Create Standard, Repeatable Tests

Test Modes are repeatable templates for your tests. Create Calibration Test Modes based on ASME or ISO standards or customize for specific pressure transmitters, gauges, chart recorders or other DUTs. Create as many Test Modes as you need on your PC and share them with your team.

Using Calibration Test Modes in the Field

Load and store up to 15 custom Test Modes on your FieldLab. Activate the Test Mode for the DUT and run through the exact, specified test points up and down the scale. Each point is logged along with deviation and permissible error. Import test data from a day or week of calibration tests directly back to your PC. Then export the data for use with calibration certificates or for import into other software.

Ralston FieldLab Desktop Software manages both Test Modes and Data Exporting off the FieldLab Pressure Reference.

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